One Minute Me

I have completed a One Minute Me video. It took many takes and retakes, but I finally was able to record it in one go. Super nervous! Follow this link to view the video.


Compositional Techniques?

Some students get put off my the fancy words in Music 2 questions. I know I did, and I never properly understood what to look for when they ask for "compositional techniques" or "composition devices". I have created a small list of common things that appear in HSC questions that can be found here.

A Musicology Grid!

Back in high school, my music teachers highly suggested using/creating musicology grids. These are tables that help students visuallise similarities and differences between the pieces in terms of concepts. This way, students are prepared to answer the 20minute response in the HSC Music 2 paper as the questions may include them to compare two of…

Simple Baby Steps

Provided are baby steps towards a small composition component in the Unit of Work. Students are to compose a short piece of music that reflects their understanding of some of the composition devices and techniques that are used in their set-works. This composition is not meant to be a finished product in any shape or…


These little melodies are more of a study on intervals and rhythmic patterns that may appear in the HSC Sight-Singing part than actual sight-singing exercises. They were created through examining some existing HSC melodies as well as Jim Coyle's Sight-Singing exercises (found in the Reference folder).

Things about Concepts and Score Reading

Created PowerPoint presentations for the musical concepts and score reading. There are two files for Concepts, the PT1 being for the individual concepts and examples/vocabulary; the PT2 includes thinking about the effect of having combinations of concepts and what they result in, i.e. ideas of unity and contrast. Files can be found here.

HSC Set Works and Analysis

It is now HSC, and you are selecting the right pieces. This can be a challenge as there are so many incredible compositions created in the past 25 years from amazing musicians that boast unique composition devices. Included in this folder are the scores to the five set works for my Unit of Work. In…

DRAFT 3 (final draft)

Now for draft number 3. I've labeled it as the final one as I feel like there wouldn't be more to add/develop. I remembered the idea of looking into growing from a dissonant interval. The smallest interval playable by the pianoforte. The minor second! This idea goes well with the pitch patterns that already exist…

Other Maker Items

To give power for my makers item, which is a guitar practice amplifier, I have to make a regulated +12V power supply. This was not too bad...   Now this is where things get wacky. Not only I made the amplifier, but also tried to make a guitar distortion circuit. I am thinking of just…